FINN Hydroseeder Machines

The manufacturer of Finn Hydroseeder machines is also the inventor of the Hydroseeder machine concept. FINN, founded by Charles FINN, invented and produced the first Hydroseeder machine in 1953. The brand was actually founded before and they were producing other agricultural machines. One of them was a straw-blower machine and from this base idea, FINN invented a machine that could do hydraulic seeding to prevent erosion. He named it Hydroseeder.

Approximately 70% of Hydroseeder machines currently used in the world are FINN branded. There are justified reasons why FINN is preferred at this rate by contractors and landscape application companies. These machines are very durable and can serve for many years. Thanks to the experience gained with 85 years of brand history, the machines are fully optimized for this job, down to the finest settings.

Today, the FINN brand has more than 175 dealers and service points around the world. Currently, one of them is EURO-TEC TURKEY. You may always contact us about the sales and after-sales services of FINN machines.

There are 2 different types of Hydroseeder or Hydromulcher machines in terms of mixing and there are models with different tank capacities. Below, you can see the list of FINN branded Hydroseeder or Hydromulcher machines and also view the documents about all the features of the machines by clicking on their names, and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We can use Hydroseeder machines in different applications, these are;

Functionality of Machines

  • Erosion Control
  • Insemination
  • Grass Restoration
  • Fertilization
  • Dust control
  • Daily-Cover
  • Reclamation of mines and oil fields
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Irrigation
  • Street Cleaning
  • De – Icing
  • Spraying
HydroseederKarıştırma MetoduTank KapasitesiHydroseeding (Günlük Ortalama)Hydromulching (Uygulama Kapasitesi)
Easy SeederSu Jeti İle Karıştırma750 Litre4000 m21600 m2
T30Mekanik Karıştırma1250 Litre6000 m22000 m2
T60Mekanik Karıştırma2300 Litre11000 m23500 m2
T120Mekanik Karıştırma4470 Litre30000 m27500 m2
T170Mekanik Karıştırma6600 Litre42000 m29500 m2
T280Mekanik Karıştırma10500 Litre60000 m216000 m2
T330Mekanik Karıştırma12700 Litre70000 m217500 m2