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Erosion is the phenomenon of displacement, flow, transport or accumulation of soil by various external factors. The fact that these external factors primarily affect the fertile upper soils formed over hundreds of years, causes these soils to disappear somehow. The loss of these lands causes desertification.
In order to prevent the loss of fertile soils, various erosion control methods are developed in order to protect nature and soil. Each method shows different levels of performance. Erosion, on the other hand, can progress rapidly or slowly depending on the physical and chemical properties of the soil layer and the strength and shape of the erosion factors. Erosion control can be achieved with the Hydromulching application, but Hydromulching alone is insufficient from a point where the slope increases. In such cases, an additional system is required that can keep the mixture sprayed with Hydromulching on a steep slope.

We can talk about two different products to achieve this: 3-dimensional polymer mesh and nets made of coconut fibers. Applications made with these products are called Green Armor and Bio Armor systems.

The net used in the Green Armor system consists of polymer fibers. Since it does not dissolve in nature, it has been developed for use in situations that need to support plant roots continuously. It is an element of a system used to control erosion under harsh conditions.
The nets used in the Bio Armor system consist of coconut fibers and are woven in different pore spaces. The system is used to support Hydromulching application in places where Hydromulching will not be sufficient, as in Green Armor. Since these fibers will dissolve in nature, they do not leave any pollution behind. These networks can be used for erosion control applications as well as in different sectors.


Green Armor

It is a non-biodegradable 3-dimensional geo mat product, which consists of polymer filaments entangled in a 3-dimensional way.. GREEN ARMOR is a planted and robustly reinforced solution for areas subject to strong leakage with flow / tidal range and where there is no simple herbaceous plant layer on it..


Bio Armor

It is a biodegradable reinforcing geo mesh made of vegetable fibers obtained by defibrating coconut and jute shells.. BIO ARMOR is a fully biodegradable herbal and reinforced solution for areas subject to strong leakage by flow or areas that are weakly adhered to the substrate that require mechanical surface stabilization.