Hydroseeding was first introduced in the 50s in USA. The technical characteristics of the consumable materials used since then continue to improve.”

Hydroseeding and Hydromulching technologies are actually insemination methods.

In the traditional seeding methods, after the land preparations are made, the seed is sprinkled on the land by hand, by simple machines or motorized machines and vehicles. Then, some soil is sprinkled on it as a cover soil, the purpose of cover soil is to prevent the seeds from flying, to make it difficult for birds to find, and to keep the seeds in the shade and moist area with a top cover.

Hydroseeding and Hydromulching insemination methods start with the preparing of the mixture in the tank section of the machines (Hydroseeder or Hydromulcher) developed specifically for these applications. The operator can prepare the mixture by himself. This mixture includes water, seed mixture, fiber mulch material with different properties, plant nutrients, root improver, tackifier (gelling agent, thickener), various fertilizers, depending on the soil properties in the application area and the purpose of the application. By the specialized mixing paddles in Hydroseeder or Hydromulcher, the mixture is kept homogeneous and the material is prevented from settling to the bottom of the tank. The machines are designed in such a way that the operator can manage the whole process alone or in two people, and can make wet seeding from the deck on the machine or by walking around the application area via an integrated and extendable hose. In the meantime, what the operator does is to scan exactly in the right ratio and spray the mixture into a predetermined area. The ratio we mentioned is approximately how many grams of fiber mulch material will fall per 1m², since the ratios of other materials in the mixture have been calculated and added to the mixture, they will be spread over the application area at the right rate.

Thus, vegetation can be established in 5-7 times more area compared to other solution methods with maximum two workers.


Hydroseeding allows rapid establishment of vegetation areas such as grass or meadow.It can be easily applied in areas with low slopes.


Hydromulching allows you to create temporary erosion control and grass meadow areas on steep slopes and low agronomic valuable soils.

Daily Cover

This process allows for an area to be temporarily closed.It is an innovative solution for closing waste storage areas.