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What is Daily-Cover ?

In the cities, wastes must be disposed of regularly in terms of environmental health and for this, high-capacity land-fill areas are created. In these facilities where tons of waste is stored every day, the storage system is layered. Approximately 30 cm of compacted soil layer is created between each waste layer. The aim is to capture the land-fill gas and allow the vehicles move freely on the top layer to place the next layer. The soil used at this stage is buried in the garbage layer and becomes unusable. Another disadvantage is that since the 30 cm soil layer occupies a very high volume of area, it shortens the life of the business. Additionally, in this method, first the waste storage is made in 2 weeks and then the soil layer coverage takes 2-3 days. During the first 2 weeks, as the garbage is left uncovered, it flies away with the effect of the wind and can create environmental pollution, some of the garbage gas is mixed into the air and the bad smell may spread around and even reach the settlements, causing the accumulation of pests and birds in landfills.

With the Daily-Cover method that Euro-Tec Turkey suggests, the storage system is made layer by layer, but the interlayer thickness varies between 2-4 cm instead of 30cm of soil layer in the conventional method . By this way, the loss of storage volume is minimized. In addition, the coating process is carried out continuously with daily or 1-2 days intervals and other negative effects are eliminated in this way. In Daily-Cover application, the EURO-COVER ‘LF’ (Land Fill) is used which is specially developed by Euro-Tec. This application method reduces the risk of fire, bird interest and odors as it enables frequent covering. Thus, fertile soils are not contaminated and can also be used as a natural value. Also, the resources spent for soil moving are eliminated.

Benefits of Daily - Cover application;

  • Thin application layer saves storage area
  • Eliminates resources spent on soil
  • Prevents fertile soils from being polluted and lost.
  • Provides faster spreading of surface water
  • Improves the image in the storage area
  • Reduces the risk of fire
  • Reduces the interest of birds
  • Prevents pests
  • Reduces odor