Soil Stabilizer



SOIL-FIX is a soil conditioner and surface stabilizer, made of water soluble, Polyacryl amide (PAM) and is specifically designed for use in hydroseeding operations. Its function is to both leşsen soil erosion due to surface water runoff and increase soil permeability.

SOIL-FIX has been approved in the United States by the F D A (Food&Drug Administration) as well as by the French Ministry of Health.

This stabilizer/conditioner is active on 3 levels :

Increases cohesion in soils with poor structure and reduces leaching :
Fewer sediments are carried away by runoff water 95% less erosion on average 84% less leaching of nutrients (phosphates and nitrates) on average

Improves soil porosity:
Improves water infiltration into the soil 35% gain over silty clay soils, and a 50% gain over clay soils.

Provides higher germination and rooting rate:
35% enhancement for plants sensitive to crusted and/or capped soils

Box with 25 one kg bags, or one 25 kg bag.